FROM REDMOND NORTH TO THE MAJORS got a hold former Redmond North & District 9 Little Leaguer, Michael Conforto Outfield New York Mets – Here is what he had to say:

“I definitely didn’t specialize in baseball. I [also] played basketball, soccer, and football. You learn things from different sports and I think it makes you a better baseball player. Find what you like and work hard.

Quality over quantity is a big thing now, too – I’ve heard some stories about some kids getting burnt out. Maybe the intent is there, but you’ve got to do things the right way and not overdo it. You get more out of 10 good reps rather than 100 when you’re exhausted.”

You obviously want to work hard, but be open to learn – you have to do what works for you because everyone is different. Try to take the things that work for you, and grow with those things. The things that don’t work, you have to let them go.