The Goal of the District 9 Tournament is  to have Managers and Coaches who will instill “Life Lessons” in their players by teaching – Leadership, teamwork, discipline, sportsmanship, dedication, good citizenship and fair play.

District 9 is serious about making sure the Little League Tournament experience is “FOR THE KIDS”. To assist Parents and fans we have prepared a short list of Do’s and Don’ts for cheering at Little League Tournaments…


Please Remember…  These are kids, umpires are human (they will make mistakes), Coaches & Umpires are volunteers, they are your neighbors and business associates. This is NOT MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL, this is Little League…

Cheering Guidelines for Parents and Fans

The below examples are offered to help parents and fans enjoy the District 9 All-Star Tournament experience and to provide a greater understanding of the Little League Un-Sportsmanship [Rule 4.06(3) and 9.01(d).

Appropriate cheering Examples


Ata Boy Tommy    *   Go Tommy    * You got this Tommy  *   You can do it Tommy

Go Team Name Go   *  Way to Go Tommy

Screaming and yelling excitable is great as long as it is not coaching or putting another player down.

Inappropriate cheering (Coaching) Examples

Move up in the box   *   Watch for the change up   *   Choke up on the bat

Bend your knees   *   Swing straight through

Watch the runner   *   This kid has nothing you can hit it   *   Tag the runner

Basically anything that sounds like coaching or telling a player what to do during the game is not acceptable.


Also don’t say anything that puts down another player…  Like – This pitcher has nothing you can hit his stuff.

Remember this is your child’s game… NOT YOUR’S


Want to learn about player stress during All-Stars?  Go to this link – http://www.llwadistrict9.org/wp-content/2013_brackets/guide_parents.pdf


Below is a Public Service Announcement from Little League International on Parent Cheering